SSDs are still a bit more expensive tha old fashioned hard drives with moving parts inside…..but the good old drives do still have a use!

I always use SSDs now foe newbuilds or replacing faulty drives as they are so much faster, and nobody wants to wait for that big update to install, or Windows to load , do they? But look at the prices of new SSDs over 1TB, and it can still shock you.

So with the glut of old hard drives, their prices are dropping sharply (I sell used 500GB for a fiver!), so why not make the most of that and use them for something where speed isn’t that important………..BACKUPS!

Whether it’s putting your old laptop drive into a caddy and using it as mobile storage for less than £10, or keeping your old desktop drives and using them as backup storage in a server or even in your main machine……..Old mechanical hard drives really are still useful, and very rarely break down, so consider reusing and make a good backup startegy, or asl supergeek to help!

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