Supergeek specialise in looking after the IT needs of small businesses (1 to 10 computers roughly). We can work on a one-off fixing/advisory basis, or a regular daily/weekly/monthly monitoring basis. Call for your first free consultation.

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We offer a Professional Backup Service too.

We understand how businesses work and grow organically. You don’t always have an IT policy or plan…..just buy another laptop when you need it, right?…There’s nothing wrong with that if you’re careful, but if you rely on technology and the information saved on it…….then it is vital you have backups and recovery plans in place, as well as a framework to work under.

Would you need a Server or a NAS?
Microsoft Server or NAS???

We specialise in Networking offices and now also connecting homes to offices too. Keep your business running under any situation. Secure connections to Offices set up quickly.

Call Mike on 07790099548 for reliable advice on what is best for your company. We’ve been doing this for 25 years so know what works and what you need. Contact or Come and see us now.