I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my new website windows10quick.com . It’s very new but will be added to quite quickly, especially in these Corona times. It will help you with targeted, short tutorials to solve all your Windows 10 problems. I have a list of over 100 problems to show you how to solve, but if you have any specific things you need to know quickly, just comment or text me and I will update straight away. Just bookmark it and keep looking.Read More →

There are loads of tools out there for video conferencing, but if you don’t normally do it….don’t spend more money yoiu haven’t got, use the free tools available: Skype (up to 50 people), WhatsApp (up to 4 people), Google Hangouts(up to 10 people) are all easy to use and all free of charge. You can use them all from a PC or Mac or Mobile, so just try it!Read More →

Let us help you without risk! While this crisis lasts and you have to work from home or you’re self isolating, just call us on 07790099548 and let us help you with a 100% guarantee you won’t catch Covid-19 from us. Prices from only £10 and only pay if we have solved your problem……..Easy!Read More →

I’ve used this version of Linux a few times now, and the latest release is really good for making use of your old hardware, and comes with an office suite and Firefox and a lot more besides. It’s free to download and use with no restrictions. Try it yourself for free or let us put it on for you….special price of £15 to introduce you to a virus and malware free world!Read More →

Ok, I’ve been doing more websites recently for other people, and I realised mine was a bit stale. So here goes….keep checking back to see how I’m doing. supergeek, #laptoprepairs, #computerrepairs, #repairmylaptop, #repairmycomputer, #macrepairs, #repairmymac, #boundsgreen, #woodgreen, #southgate, #muswellhill, #finchley, #palmersgreen, #enfield, #eastfinchley, #itsupport MikeRead More →