Windows 11 desktop


With all the talk about Windows 11 coming out soon, and the new hardware requirements (did you really want me to explain what a TPM module is?), I just thought you’d be best to know this…….Windows 11 is just another update to Windows10! It’s no big deal. Yes, some older computers (and not that old!) won’t be able to run it, but SO WHAT? It won’t mean anything to 99.9% of you, and 99.9999% won’t even know! It will just be like an automatic update to those who can get it and you’ll be asked a simple question…..”Do you want to download and run?” IfRead More →

laptop mainboard

For about the last five years, laptop manufacturers have been soldering CPUs (Processors) onto the main boards in laptops. Some (Hello Apple) even solder memory modules on. This means that in most cases that the repair or replacement of the main component of your laptop is not cost effective. To buy it new from the manufacturer will cost almost as much as a new laptop, and a secondhand one from the likes of ebay is a risky purchase due to dodgy repairs. I don’t buy secondhand laptop motherboards any more, as the failure rate is so high! The good news is that very few motherboardsRead More →

HP All in one

These lovely computers come with 6th generation Intel i3 or i5 processors and a solid state drive. Super fast and super reliable HP business class machines with Windows 10pro. They have a 23.5″ high definition screen and have space for up to 3 hard drives and up to 32GB ram. “I can’t believe how fast it is compared to my old computer!” With a 6th gen Intel processor they are really fast and will handle most things you can throw at it. Bang and Olufsen sound system make it nice to listen to any music or videos too. Give me a call for more informationRead More →

When you use computers a lot whether in business or at home, you have to save your files somewhere safe. In most cases this would be a file server. This is a device (not on your local computer) that A. Has a storage medium and B. Has a backup copy. Be warned, one is no good without the other! But what sort of systems should you use? There are loads to choose from, and There are loads to avoid. I’ve seen the wrong type of system recommended so many times, and all too often it’s the one that makes the most money for you supplier!Read More →

Intel Quad Core laptop for sale, Fully refurbished with new SSD and added memory, Only £160…only one available be quick if you like Pink, Fushia, Maybe Mauve(ish), Rose or whatever! What about this superb 7th gen Dell 2in1 ultrabook from Dell”…….Works like a tablet or a laptop with it’s fold back touch screen. Superfast m.2 SSD and Windows 10. Bargain at only £350   More available from a clean dual pcore pentium at £100  to a really clean Lenovo i3 at only £200. Just call or whatsapp for details: Reach Mike on 07790099548 or email More →

SSDs are still a bit more expensive tha old fashioned hard drives with moving parts inside…..but the good old drives do still have a use! I always use SSDs now foe newbuilds or replacing faulty drives as they are so much faster, and nobody wants to wait for that big update to install, or Windows to load , do they? But look at the prices of new SSDs over 1TB, and it can still shock you. So with the glut of old hard drives, their prices are dropping sharply (I sell used 500GB for a fiver!), so why not make the most of that andRead More →

With a lot of people now working from home, it makes sense to set up a permanent base to work from with a proper computer and monitor…something the kids can’t drop, tread on or spill Coke over! We have quite a few systems for sale and can advise on what you need for security and fast, efficient working. Complete Home Office packages for sale from only £150 including a printer. Desktop computers are far more adaptable and reliable than laptops, you can fine tune the storage and upgrade it whenever you want. You can set up a file server, VPN server, Media editor, Web designRead More →

We know what to expect right? It’s the same as last time but not so hard….some of us can keep working, if we work from home we’re all set up…..Aren’t you?? We can guide you through working remotely or accessing work files simply and quickly. Be organised and ready for anything the dreaded Covid can throw at you!Read More →

laptops and tablets

During the Corona virus lockdown I have been doing some work for a charity called Generation Exchange. They do work bringing old and young people together to exchange skills. CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE During the lockdown this isn’t possible and they are trying to supply older people stuck at home with the hardware needed to video call and conference to keep in touch with friends and family. Laptops with webcams and recent tablets mainly, new enough to run Zoom or Skype. If you can donate anything please contact them directly or call me.Read More →

When you changed your laptop, did you get all of your files from the old one? Are you sure? Well there’s only one way to find out for sure and that’s to see your old hard drive in it’s entirety. The simple way to do that is to get a caddy, a little external USB box that can hold your old hard drive and show you all the files on it. For around £15 we can take the old hard drive out of your old laptop and put it in a caddy for you. Then show you how to use it. It even has theRead More →